The Power of the Feminine

Back from the Backroad Ball. Feeling the power of the feminine. The high priestess.


Asking myself how can riding on a hunk of metal with two wheels make one feel so powerful & free? Could it be the act of doing something so traditionally male dominated? Freedom to make it your own. Gobbling up the energy flowing from the stares you receive from eyes bearing witness to a new event. Yes it’s true, we can do it too.

The feminine is not a gender placement. It’s a feeling. It’s a side of every one. It’s a revival. It’s soft, sweet, seductive & strong. May we each celebrate this side with a balance of all that is beautiful within the masculine. May we shine light on to others. May we feel no need for judgement. Trust yourself. Trust your instinct. Trust that you can get shit done. Trust that you can love with your whole heart. Trust genuine friendship. Take the compliment. Put it in your happy place. Work hard to find where you’ve hidden it more often. Learn openly from others. Open bottles with knives. Tell those you love that you do indeed love them.

This past weekend wasn’t simply about the roar of motorcycle engines. It was about human empowerment. It was about fuelling that fire beneath the high priestess who once thought she was not capable. And finally, without a doubt, it was about having a bad ass time with bad ass individuals on this rugged East Coast.

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