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The Men Behind the Ball: Gianpaolo Bertonci, The Junkers

​​It takes a village to put on an event like the Backroad Ball. For the two of us (Kristin and Bambi), this is a labour of love – but we couldn't do it without the many sponsors, volunteers, performers and vendors. While the Ball is an event for women – a safe space for ladies of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to connect with like-minded gals and learn about motorcycles, we are lucky to have the support of many men who help us bring this event to life. With us since the beginning, Gianpaolo Bertonci – the creative genius behind The Junkers, is one of our incredible sponsors. You will know his work immediately; he has designed our first BRB logo and most patch designs since Year 1! So, we decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions. BRB: What's your background? Gianpa: I was born in Rome, where I currently live with my girlfriend Angela and our two dogs, Johnny and Margot... all three are very nice ;-) I work for a cartoon software house and with a couple of architectural and engineering firms, but I’ve been drawing motorcycles since I was a child. BRB: How has your work changed over time? Gianpa: The Junkers (understood as clunkers, jalopies, flivvers) started to come to life some years ago just for kicks, after a bad time during which I f*#%ed things up . I received positive feedback, bit by bit. Now I'm playing the real game with a full-time freelance illustration gig.

BRB: What kind of designs or methods do you most enjoy doing? Gianpa: Bike-themed stuff (design, illustrations, logos) occupy 80-90% of my creative work. I mainly do digital work, but I also really like painting on canvas. Obviously I make a ton of pencil sketches, many of which, due to lack of time, remain unfinished in the drawer.

BRB: How are you sponsoring the Backroad Ball? Gianpa: I've sponsored the BRB from day one and I'm so proud of it. I like the spirit and the way the organizers put together this events and their passion... then you are all beautiful biker girls! :)

BRB: Tell us about your love for motorcycles - when did you start riding? Gianpa: Some fuel flows in my family veins and I owe my passion for motorbikes to my dad Mario. I start riding at the age of 16. My sister already owned a bike... so it was easy for me to start. I owned all the engines: 2 and 4 strokes, 1, 2 and 4 cylinders. Now I'm riding a three-cylinder. A nice, funny, light and quite fast Triumph. BRB: How do you see art and love for motorcycles work together? Gianpa: I think that if you have true passion for something, then it will work. Well, my true loves are art and motorcycles, so the rest just happens organically. Don’t forget to pick up your welcome pack at the #BRB2019 Registration Booth! Each registration pack comes with a complimentary patch designed by Gianpaolo! Website: Instagram:

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