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The Men Behind the Ball: Dan Daigle, Orangepaint Factory

​​It takes a village to put on an event like the Backroad Ball. For the two of us (Kristin and Bambi), this is a labour of love – but we couldn't do it without the many sponsors, volunteers, performers and vendors. While the Ball is an event for women – a safe space for ladies of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to connect with like-minded gals and learn about motorcycles, we are lucky to have the support of many men who help us bring this event to life. With us since our second year, Dan Daigle of Orangepaint Factory is one of our incredible sponsors. You probably remember the killer panels he custom-painted for the Ball! This year, we decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions. BRB: What's your background? Dan: I have a graphic arts background and most of my airbrush and pinstriping skills are self taught. Over the last few years, I have attended a few workshops to learn more techniques and tricks.

BRB: How has your work changed over time? Dan: My work is always changing, as an artist you want to develop your skills. One day I can be painting skulls and the next day roses, so you have to research and learn different techniques to paint the subject matter. BRB: What kind of designs or methods do you most enjoy doing? Dan: I don’t have any favourite kind of design I like to paint per se. I like to give the client what they want and exceed their expectations. I can paint almost any style but much of my work can be defined by the detail in the art. I love pinstriping as much as airbrush. Both have different challenges and allows me to paint from old school to full airbrush creations. BRB: How are you sponsoring the Backroad Ball? Dan: I am custom painting a Bitwell Gringo Helmet.

BRB: Tell us about your love for motorcycles - when did you start riding? Dan: I love motorcycles and the freedom it gives you. The friendships and brotherhood is second to none. It doesn’t matter where you ride, a fellow biker is a friend. I started riding road bikes when I was 19 but was riding mini bikes, mopeds and motocross since I was 14.

BRB: How do you see art and love for motorcycles work together? Dan: When someone gets art done on their bike or helmet, it’s to personalize it. The art represents something they are passionate about and a part of their life. It makes their bike unique and special to them. It also brings a lot of attention from others. Art and motorcycles have been united for a long time. I enjoy being able to offer old school style pinstriping and custom style in an era when the computer has all but eliminated the skill. The art is all about bringing the riders personality out in the bike. Don't miss the chance to see his work at #BRB2019! If you're near the Fredericton area, stop by his shop to see this amazing artist in his element. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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