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Rider Series: Emma aka "Pittsburgh"

My name is Emma and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've been riding a motorcycle for about five years now, and I guess I just do it because it's fun and I want to do it more than I really want to do anything else.

Last summer, I called off a week of work and rode across Pennsylvania, up through New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine and across the Canadian border (for the first time ever!) to Penobsquis, NB for the Backroad Ball and it was one hundred percent the most fun I had all year! All of the greatest things about motorcycles and motorcycling and motorcycle culture come together in a really special way at an event that's just for women. I think it's important to have spaces created for and by women, because women are awesome. There's an instant bond and friendship that happens because all the babes you meet at something like this just GET The Thing About Motorcycles--the thing that you can't quiiiiiite put into words. It feels so good to be around like 200 badass babes who you don't even have to try to explain it to. I rode up alone last year, and didn't know a single person, but from literally the minute I got in it felt like I was with old friends who I always have a f*ckin' blast with.

I never really concretely plan anything out, but I'm so excited for the BRB that a couple months ago I already kinda mapped out a slightly different (longer) route for this year! I'm gonna leave really early Wednesday morning and bang out like 8-900 miles up to Montreal, (where I will definitely be getting some bagels because apparently the bagels there are different than here and I want to try them) then head Northeast along the Saint Lawrence River on Thursday and camp somewhere around two thirds of the way to Penobsquis, leaving just a quick little scoot to the Ball on Friday, where I’ll be ready to fuckin party with all the super rad, funny, kind, awesome, badass women I met last year, AND a bunch of babes I haven't met yet!! If you're a motobabe and you're reading this I hope to see you there.

#badass #eastcoast #womenwhoride #women #power #adventure #backroadball #empowerment #freedom #motorcycles #motorcyclerally

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