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Lazy Saturday morning at #BRB2016

Embers in the Backroad Ball’s communal fire pit were still glowing and spitting early Saturday morning as the first early risers were getting out of their tents. A few ladies – still rocking their comfy pyjamas – were making a bee-line for the coffee tent. The smell of eggs and bacon filled the air.

As more ladies ventured out into the cool, crisp morning, an excited energy took over the Backroad Ball grounds. The quiet whispers from early risers turned into excited chatter. Route planning, day trips and motorcycles were the hot topics at the Backroad Ball’s breakfast bar church pews.

But first, back to the food :-)

On the morning menu at Heavy Kevy’s Food Truck was a choice between a bacon, egg and cheese English muffin or a breakfast burrito filled with bacon, sausage, egg, cheese, onions and salsa – both served with home fries and both incredibly delicious!

But knowing that ladies like variety, co-organizer Kristin recruited a few strappin’ lads who served up healthy fruit smoothies and cold brew coffee.