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Are there any rules at The Backroad Ball?

Don't worry, there aren't many rules! But to foster an environment that is safe and welcoming for all ladies, we have just a few:

  • No dudes (sorry guys)

  • No 'tudes

  • No glass

  • Must be 19+ (please bring a valid photo ID)

  • Always wear a helmet

  • No fireworks or weapons

  • Provincial fire regulations must be strictly followed

  • Please be respectful of the property

  • Pretty much just go by the golden rule of 'don't be shitty' :)

And most importantly, ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING AND RIDING! The organizers of the Backroad Ball, the owners of the property at 45950 Homestead Road, Salisbury, New Brunswick, the vendors and sponsors are NOT responsible for injuries to any person or damage to personal property. We want to have fun this weekend – please be SAFE!

Can I be a vendor at The Backroad Ball?

Drop us a line at and let's chat about vending opportunities at #BRB5! 

Can I volunteer at The Backroad Ball?

YES! Volunteers are the lifeblood of this event! Fill out the volunteer application form and we'll be in touch.

What do I need to bring to The Backroad Ball?

It depends on if you choose to camp or stay elsewhere and what makes you comfortable. Here are some recommendations...

  • Water bottle

  • Headlamp 

  • Tent / Hammock tent

  • Sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag

  • Towel

  • Cup

  • Camera

  • Booze & snacks (NO GLASS PLEASE)

  • Sun block & BUG SPRAY

  • Cash (for tattoos, vendors, food & moto market)

How about clothing?

Again, whatever makes you comfortable. Here are some suggestions...

  • Rain suit (because we're in the Maritimes)

  • Warm Clothes as it chills down at night

  • Bathing suit (you never know?)

  • Sun glasses

  • Anything fun and funky you'd like to party in! We like getting weird...

I am only coming for one night, do I still have to pay full price for a ticket?

Yes! We are renting the venue for the entire weekend and do our best to compensate our entertainers well. We're a not-for-profit event and can’t afford to give any discounts.

Can I transfer my ticket or get a refund if I can’t come?

Sorry, we are unable to refund tickets after February 8, 2023. This event is completely not-for-profit, so know that your support (even if you can’t make it) has helped us to throw the best moto-weekend for our maritime biker babes! You may transfer your ticket as long as registration is open. Once registration is closed, we need to finalize our master list of attendees so transfers are not permitted after this date.

Do I get a specific spot assigned to me?

No, spots are not assigned but you are guaranteed a camping space. Once you arrive, you will register and then be flagged into the moto area if on two wheels. Only motorcycles allowed in the camping area. Cars and other vehicles must be parked in the designated separate area and trailers should be in place before motorcyclists start to arrive.

Can I bring my friend to The Backroad Ball for the day?

Anyone who attends The Backroad Ball must purchase a ticket. We do not offer day passes and everyone on the event grounds who is not a vendor or artist must purchase a ticket. Volunteers purchase tickets too (there is a specific ticket type for this on Eventbrite), some exceptions may be made for volunteers in difficult financial situations - please contact us.

Should I bring water and food to The Backroad Ball?

It’s up to you! There is a gas station, motel/restaurant and a take-out snack bar within a 5 minute ride of the location. We also plan to have a couple food options on-site (bring cash) and tap water will be available. Be sure to bring your own water bottle at the very least.

What if I don't want to camp at The Backroad Ball?

There are options for you less than a 15-minute ride away!

Additionally, Downtown Moncton area lodging would be approximately a 30 minute ride from the event grounds. Alternatively, some attendees choose to bring trailers - please make sure you indicate this on your order form at the time of Registration. We aim to have trailers in place well before motorcyclists arrive so please plan accordingly.

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