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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any rules at The Backroad Ball?

Don't worry, there aren't many rules... We have just a few:

* No dudes (sorry guys)

* No 'tudes

* No glass 

* Wear your helmet

* No drinking and riding!

* The buildings onsite are off-limits unless otherwise specified. Please be respectful of the property so we can party here next year.  ️

Just so everyone is aware: There may be a small number of men who will be there as volunteers or vendors, however, if all goes to plan you won't even notice them when not performing their specific duties.

Not sure if something is cool? Just ask!

Can I be a vendor at The Backroad Ball?

Vendor Applications are now CLOSED.

What do I need to bring to The Backroad Ball?

It depends on if you choose to camp or stay elsewhere and what makes you comfortable. Here are some recommendations...

* Water bottle

* Headlamp 

* Tent / Hammock tent

* Sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag

* Towel

* Cup

* Camera

* Booze & snacks (NO GLASS PLEASE)

* Sun block & BUG SPRAY

* Cash (for tattoos, vendors, food & moto market)

* If you'd like to bring/cook your own food there will be a BBQ on site first come, first serve. We will also have some coolers on site for rent - also first come, first serve.

How about clothing?

Again, whatever makes you comfortable. Here are some suggestions...

* Rain suit (because we're in the Maritimes)

* Warm Clothes as it chills down at night

* Bathing suit (you never know?)

* Sun glasses

* Anything fun and funky you'd like to party in! We like getting weird...

Any other suggestions? Let us know!


Can I bring my friend to The Backroad Ball for the day?

Anyone who attends The Backroad Ball must purchase a ticket.

We do not over day passes and everyone on the event grounds who is not a vendor or artist much purchase a ticket. Volunteers purchase tickets too (there is a specific ticket type for this on Eventbrite), some exceptions may be made for volunteers in difficult financial situations - please Contact Us.

Should I bring water and food to The Backroad Ball?

It depends on your budget & preference!

There is a gas station, restaurant and liquor store within a 6 minute ride of the location. We will have a food truck on site with debit & credit available. Water is available onsite so be sure to bring your own water bottle at the very least.


If you'd like to bring/cook your own food we will have a BBQ on site with use being first come first serve. We will also have some coolers on site for rent - also first come, first serve.


The weekend is a BYOB, however, we will have alcohol sponsors on site Saturday evening providing samples to attendees as in previous years.


For anyone who would like a nearby restaurant option as well follow the links below to see some options in Salisbury:

Salisbury Big Stop

- Country View Motel & Restaurant

K&B Take-Out

Gold Medal Restaurant

What if I don't want to camp at The Backroad Ball?

There are options for you!

*When booking, please advise the concierge that you are a Backroad Ball attendee*

Salisbury area lodging (less than 15 minutes ride):

- Country View Motel & Restaurant
- Atlantic Motel

- Scenic Motel

- Mountain Top Motel

There will be a shuttle available at select times (TBA) Friday and Saturday evening provided by our generous sponsor Tyler Murray of MacDonald Buick GMC Cadillac in Moncton, NB. The shuttle will only be servicing the 4 motels on Homestead Road listed above.

Additional Downtown Moncton area lodging would be approximately a 30 minute ride from the event grounds. Penobsquis area lodging previous attendees would be familiar with are approximately a 25 minute ride from the event grounds. There are no shuttles provided for either of these options.

Alternatively, some attendees choose to bring trailers - please make sure you indicate this on your order form at the time of Registration. We do like to have trailers in place well before motorcyclists arrive so please plan accordingly.

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Thanks for contacting us! We'll get back to you ASAP!

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